Lexbot is a free, full feature enabled version of Evobot. Lexbot can play content directly from Youtube or Soundcloud straight to your Discord Server.

Add the free Evobot to your Discord server by using this link or the button below and start listening straight away!

You can find all the features & commands you'll need below or by entering !help into your Discord channel after adding the bot.

Features & Commands

Note: The default prefix is !

🎶 Play music from YouTube via url - !play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLvohMXgcBo

🔎 Play music from YouTube via search query - !play under the bridge red hot chili peppers

🎶 Play music from Soundcloud via url - !play https://soundcloud.com/blackhorsebrigade/pearl-jam-alive

🔎 Search and select music to play - !search Pearl Jam

📃 Play youtube playlists via url - !playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlUKcNNmywk&list=PL5RNCwK3GIO13SR_o57bGJCEmqFAwq82c

🔎 Play youtube playlists via search query - !playlist linkin park meteora

Full List of Commands:

  • Now Playing (!np)
  • Queue system (!queue, !q)
  • Loop / Repeat (!loop)
  • Shuffle (!shuffle)
  • Volume control (!volume, !v)
  • Lyrics (!lyrics, !ly)
  • Pause (!pause)
  • Resume (!resume, !r)
  • Skip (!skip, !s)
  • Skip to song # in queue (!skipto, !st)
  • Move a song in the queue (!move, !mv)
  • Remove song # from queue (!remove, !rm)
  • List all clips (!clips)
  • Show ping to Discord API (!ping)
  • Show bot uptime (!uptime)
  • Toggle pruning of bot messages (!pruning)
  • Help (!help, !h)


Evobot Screenshot1